GRY Institute Of Pharmacy , Borawan

NAAC Accredited B++ grade with CGPA 2.97

Approved by PCI and AICTE,New Delhi, Recognized by DTE , Bhopal ; Affiliated To RGPV ,Bhopal

AICTE Approved No : Central/1-9322300183/2021/EOA

Best Practices

Best Practice-1

Title of the practice: Acquiring new techniques and educational methods for smooth conduct of curriculum.

Objective of the practice:
• To provide dedicated training and personal counseling for Slow and Advanced learners.
• To simplify and streamline education processes and systems to provide better services to faculties and students
• To improve performance of students for campus placement interviews.
• Giving proper study material and exposure to strengthen theoretical and practical concepts.
• Giving task to advance learners to improve the skills and leadership quality.

Context: Recent years has introduced significant changes in teaching and learning methods. The most observable phenomenon is now the penetration of digital technologies into learning. Smart class rooms, google forms, teaching aids have made it much easier for identifying slow and fast learners. There is a vital need to identify the strength and weakness of students and to counsel them as per the need, as in recent years many pharmacist are graduating and special training is needed to make student ready to face the interview challenges and job ready candidate. A healthy competition among students for various events like poster, oral presentation, debate, quiz is adopted to improve the quality of students and increase the level of confidence in critical thinking and creative skills. Apart from regular teaching and learning methods a separate space should be created for the students to showcase their talents.

Practice: Following practices were adopted for overall development of the students:
a) Specially designed modules and Mentor mentee system: The institute has designed and conducted special modules for slow and advanced learners. The slow learner workshop included interactive sessions, assignments, quiz, motivation and confidence building and one on one interaction activities. In addition to workshops, institute has assigned mentors for the students. The faculty mentors continuously assess, monitor, counsel and give possible guidance to the students. These workshops have provided students an opportunity to interact and share their personal inhibitions or weaknesses with the skilled trainers. The advanced learner are given task to improve their skills through presentation, article publication, classes at junior level, panel of discussion on various issues and other such activities.
b) Education Resource Planning (ERP) system: The institute has developed its own ERP system for smooth working of the academics Through this ERP system various lecture notes, recorded sessions for lectures, videos, E-books are made available for students to their individual account other than this attendance, examination, circulars were managed in same.
c) Orientation programs: Institute conducts various orientation and training programs as per the need, in regular intervals -these programs helping them to shape a bright future and make them understand how they can reach their goals. Students of final year are given the training on different modules as per industrial needs to make them job ready.
d) Innovative based competitions: Students of first year B. Pharm were encouraged to do HAP project and students of second year B. Pharm were encouraged to prepare and present poster under the guidance of subject teacher. These models and posters were presented and evaluated by the faculty members. Best models and posters were awarded. Third year and final year students are given task to improve their communication skills, complete the assigned project and presentation on various topics.
e) Wall-space: The institute has started this unique concept, Wall-Space. The dedicated wall within the institute is made available for students, where the students can display their creativity in the form of poems, art work, essays, painting and cartoons. Career window displays latest career opportunities for both UG and PG students of the institute. This wall also had a separate space for scientific research articles.

Evidence of Success:

1. As the slow learner made aware about self-limitations and how to overcome them and the advanced learner were made aware about different qualities that need to be developed in order to shape their future, improvement in the academic, extracurricular and co-curricular performance of these students was observed.
2. The ERP system was developed as per the student need and positively impacted on overall understanding of curriculum and also helps in smooth conduct of academics.
3. The orientation programs were helpful for development of leadership skills, improvement in soft skill and overall personality development, which helped them for placement.
4. The practice has helped the students to better understand the theoretical and practical concepts. Additionally, the organization skills amongst the students were groomed and also their presentation and communication skills were enhanced.
5. The wallspace concept helped to motivate the students for creative thinking. Also, it resulted into improvement of extracurricular and co-curricular aptitude of the students. This platform also provides an environment where students are more likely to express their ideas and improves the thinking abilities.

Problems encountered and resources required:

1. In Some students Lack of teamwork, empathy, and support was noted.
2. As many students comes from rural background more time is required to coup with the current need.

Best Practice-2

Purpose: Pharmacist always trusted for of human life


1) To give quality and better life to the society
2) To help students to get better social value and responsibilities.
3) To promote holistic development of society.
4) To strengthen team work among student and encourage participation.

The practice:

1) The students visit nearby villages borawan, utawad, bhangaon, Durgapur, piplai, dharampuri, devla and give social services to community by supplying medicines such as ORS,calcium tablets, cough syrup was given to nearly 500 families also sanitary napkinwere distributed to more than 200 girls and women’s and giving them knowledge and importance of menses hygiene. The students made an awareness camp to above mentioned villages to make the villages free from open defecation, the cleaning of the streets of villages with the help of Local village authorities.
2) As many students are from village background where still women are not considered at par with men and to uplift the women of the society,seminars are given to students on gender equality and sensitization, street play is done by students to spread the message of gender equality and rights of women in the society.
3) The consumption of tobacco is much in the Nimar region among teens, adult and old age,students counseling and sessions on awareness against use of tobacco is conducted and students are asked to share the information about the consequences of tobacco consumption to family members and neighbors.
Health checkup camp is organized every year at nearby villages of kasrawad tehsil like Borawan, Multhan, Lohari, Balkwada, Bamandithe institute supplies free of cost medicines as per doctor’s Prescription, also free check up like blood group detection,Hemoglobin estimation for women and old aged, Blood pressure monitoring is done for the patients and students on the camp day. A panel of doctors which include general physician, gynecologist, pediatrician and dietician will be the part of the camp from 10 AM to 3PM. Institute organized blood donation camp in association with blood bank of the district and more than 100 units of blood donation is done for the noble cause.
Activity for awareness against AIDS , Dengue malaria and mal nutrition in the children are done by the students if the institute for the development of the society.
4) The Students work in team to organize rally to encourage people of the society for Swatch Bharat, use of toilets at home and in public places,The team of students prepares video and upload the same on social media on different issue like COVID,Women empowerment

Evidence of success:

The Institute has observed successful outcomes in social activities in the past years
1) The personal Hygiene during menses was improved remarkably sanitary napkin was distributed to for more than 200 girls and women’s, the open defection has stopped with in the area of borawan, Durgapur, Bhangaon, Piplai, Devla.
2) More than 100 students have quit the consumption of tobacco.
3) Blood donation camp organized every year and more than 100 units of blood is donated for noble cause, every year nearly 100 students were benefited from blood group and hemoglobin detection an and more than 150 patients were benefited for ailments like blood sugar gynecology and pediatric issues.
4) The student success as a team was noted and acknowledge by the institute and managements.

Problem encountered:

1) Availability of the limited fund /funding source for organizing such activities.
2) Poor literacy makes it difficult to share information and understand motto to the individuals.
3) Less interest for active participation from the tribal’s.
4) Rigidity of the tribal’s towards adopting the new things.